User DocumentationΒΆ

This documentation is aimed at users of AGX – people drawing UML diagrams to generate code from it.

The chapter has an overview on modeling technology in general and also with respect to the various generation targets that AGX features.

Python eggs
are the Python equivalent to distribution packages such as Java Jars or Zip archives. Eggs can be installed and also declare dependencies to other packages and other metadata.
Zope Component Architecture
The Zope Component Architecture (ZCA) is a term for modularized software. It came into being when Zope, one of the first web application servers that had grown to a large monolithic beast was rewritten and split into components.
Plone: Products with Generic Setup profiles
Probably the most successful content management systems running on top of Zope is Plone. When developing for Plone, you build Products that have Generic Setup profiles and a characteristic filesystem structure and way of hooking into the machinery to them.
is the new kid on the block (not so new), ready to replace the older Archetype based content types. AGX can generate Dexterity content types and thus offers modern CRUD for a renown mature CMS.
is the Python equivalent of Make or Ant: repeatable installations.
While Zope (and Plone) use the ZODB – an object database – some applications are better suited for relational databases. AGX can generate code to make use of SQL databases through SQLAlchemy, an object relational mapper (ORM).
As special feature, the Generator can be used to generate its own code. Stay tuned!